09 May 2009

Annals of Gardening: Garden Club Sales

The next best thing to digging up plants at my mother's house are the annual garden club sales. Oh sure, they sell some commercial stuff like six-packs of impatiens and hanging pots of petunias, but the good stuff, the stuff I want, is the stuff people pot up out of their own backyards.

By some grace of scheduling, I got to hit two sales this morning, one starting at 8 in the next town over, and my town's at 9. I did buy some basil and a six-pack of lobelia, but mostly I scored a mess of perennials, eleven pots in all. It's like the plant material equivalent of locavore eating - it all came from with a few miles of my house.

I got huge pots of phlox and nepeta, and little ones of heuchera and pulmonaria. There's physostegia and penstemon and wood geranium and corydalis. But my favorite two were a pot marked yellow iris that also contained thalictrum, and a pot marked brunnera that included a piece of variegated hosta. Clearly the iris likes the thalictrum and the brunnera complements the hosta, or their former owners liked the combinations. In any case, I transplanted them as I got 'em.

Here's hoping my local plants like their new locale.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I've always wanted to be able to grown phlox and hosta. It's just too hot here.

flutter said...

oooooo! look at all that plant porn!

susan said...

plant porn--that's funnny!

I just dropped by to say that I'm thinking of you all today.

Anonymous said...

what beauties!

I have to admit, I'm kind of annoyed with my mother because she is dividing up her stuff to give to her garden club for sale and NOT sharing with me.

Little dark storm cloud.

Vodka Mom said...

I Love them!!!

There is nothing like digging in the dirt- and watching the babies grow and grow and grow!

shrink on the couch said...

Plant porn, indeed! Mind in the dirt, some of you! I prefer to view these as platonic plant pairings.

Furrow said...

I've been to one big plant swap, and that was fun, but a little stressful. You had to be quick to get the good stuff. My most treasured finds didn't survive the move, unfortunately, but the yarrow i took (gullible newbie) is indestructible. I've had lots of luck sharing with friends and family, though.

Your treasures look very healthy (I'd expect it, for money, of course).

Mad said...

There's an annual sale like that at our local farmer's market. The plants are hearty b/c they have already adapted to our particular sub-climate BUT the sale is so packed that I inevitably have a claustrophobic panic attack.

Sandra said...

I've been digging and dividing. My perennials are so over grown. You got some much nicer things then what I'm working with though. Day lilies anyone?