14 December 2009

Antimicrobial Lint

In the category of now I’ve seen everything: I got an envelope in the mail (at the office) with an "antimicrobial" lining.

The girl looked at my copy of The Dread Crew and asked me "Is that about Jack Sparrow?"

This morning, there was a five year old boy on the train - on his way to see the Rockettes. When we got into the tunnel, he asked his mother "is this the basement of Grand Central?" She replied "no, it's the tunnel". He then asked "is it the tunnel of love?", to laughter all around.

At least the antimicrobial envelope came from a hospital. One wouldn't want to be getting MRSA by opening mail from doctors, right? If the Con-Ed bill starts coming in antimicrobial envelopes, I'm going to start worrying.


FreshHell said...

The hell?

Very Mary said...

Just so you know, next time I send you a letter, I am probably just going to send it in a regular old envelope, germs and all.

nonlineargirl said...

Even though reducing hospital-acquired infections is a big thing nowadays, I doubt this is going to make a big dent.

Gwen said...

The Rockettes are still alive? Probably because all their fan mail uses anti-microbial lined envelopes. Yup.

(I had to explain the Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow connection the other day to my children, who have obviously been deprived of one of life's loveliest little pleasures: Johnny Depp.)

Anonymous said...

Your workday involves antimicrobial envelopes AND going through the tunnel of love? Awesome.

Woman in a Window said...

and cute.
yes, i'm all for the cute.
Well, i kinda like weird, too.