30 July 2010

Sending You Elsewhere

oh hi.

julochka, she of moments of perfect clarity, claims to have run out of ideas for blog posts - which i find hard to believe because she is divinely creative in many different ways, but i digress - so she's been interviewing her readers, of whom i am one. said interview is up today, if you'd like to read it.

when you're done finding out what my favorite wii game is, come back and tell me if you recognized this post's homage to julochka.


Pinky said...

no caps

mayberry said...

right. without even going there, i was going to say no caps! but i'm going there now, because i must know your favorite wii game.

Anonymous said...

I'm such a groupie. :)

Vodka Mom said...

i'm looking for the ee cummings convention. is it here?