10 August 2010

BlogHer: The Stuff

In between hanging out with the people, you wander around and collect stuff, more stuff than anyone needs.

I recycled a fair amount of stuff in the very excellent swag swap room, or I just didn't pick it up in the first place. I re-packed one of the (many) tote bags with a whole mess of stuff to give to my sister-in-law who had gotten me an awesome room at a cheaper rate than the Hilton, in a hotel far swankier than the Hilton (and with better elevators). But I carried enough stuff home to feel like I needed a sherpa.

Stuff that mystified me:
• An 8 ounce sample of interior latex eggshell paint from Martha Stewart, in "sultana". I mean, if I were thinking of painting something in my house, a sample size container of paint could be useful for color testing, but I'd like to choose the color myself. I think they'd have been better off handing out coupons for a free sample - paint's kind of idiosyncratic, in a way that dish detergent isn't.

Stuff that I loved:
• The paper punches from Martha Stewart - something that I'll love playing with and would never in a million years actually buy.

Stuff that my kid loved:
• The flashing ring.
• The HexBug and its corral.
• The pile of blank books.

Stuff that Niobe loved:
• The Demeter Play-Doh perfume.

Stuff that I totally needed:
• A box of tampons, because I was bleeding like a stuck pig, though I don't really understand why they need to be pH correcting - should I have been listening to the sales rep?
• More moisturizer with sunscreen because one can never have too much of a good thing.

Stuff that my kid will love when I surprise her with it later this week:
• The Nintendo DSi XL from the Brand About Town party.

Stuff that my husband loved:
• The box of chocolate covered mint oreos that he ate in one sitting.

Stuff that kind of irritated me:
• The iPhone charging receiver dock that doesn't work unless you have the PowerMat to go with it. Granted, I probably shouldn't have the dock thing anyway, because I inadvertently crashed a party and didn't get the swag bag which allegedly had the PowerMat in it because I wasn't on the list, but in my defense, there were two parties going on in the same general suite and I was invited to the other. How was I to know which was which?

Stuff that absolutely nobody needs:
• Mouse pads shaped like detergent bottles and alarm clocks with sausage on the dial.

Stuff that's going in the so-called gift closet for later this year (i.e. Christmas):
• I'm not telling, because my sister reads my blog.


Unknown said...

chocolate covered mint oreos!? gee whiz!
San Diego's the next blogher you say...

allison said...

Great. Never knew Play-Doh perfume existed. Now need play-doh perfume. Just came this close to leaving this comment with a really embarrassing spelling mistake.

shrink on the couch said...

dang, need to get me to blogher for some blogoodies.

painted maypole said...

Aunt Becky would like the sausage alarm clock. she probably picked one up herself, though.

and dang... it seems like the swag pretty much pays for the conference (if not the room). a DS? crazy

flutter said...

we'll hang in SD, yes?

Anonymous said...

I cannot tell you how many times I have been sitting in a paper kimono, trying to explain to my doctor that "it's like the pH is all whacked out," while he or she looks back at me a) blankly, b) condescendingly, c) is looking at the clock instead of at me.

I haven't even used tampons for the last twenty years because... ow! So there probably is something to that which would have been worth listening to, if only to pass on to some other woman who desperately needs pH correction.

Carrie said...

the paint kind of boggled my mind too because for all of us who flew to blogher, paint was on the list of things not even allowed in your checked bag. someone must've liked it though because i dropped mine off in the exchange room and didn't see any paint there when i checked back later.

and i'm super excited about the punches too. i'll definitely play with and love them but wouldn't have bought them myself.

Lady M said...

I didn't really understand the paint sample either, but I actually cooked the macaroni and cheese for family dinner the night I got back to California. Not proud of it, but it was a fast meal. ;)

It was nice to meet you in person!

Kyla said...

Ack! I missed out on a DSI XL?! My kids will never forgive me. ;)

Laura Lohr | My Beautiful Life said...

I missed out on a lot of the swag. There was supposed to be swag dropped on my bed. Despite my numerous requests and promises of the drop, it never arrived. All's well that ends well, however. I live in San Diego and couldn't imagine schleping anymore stuff through JFK than we did! :) I left the handsoap with the Skycap, as our luggage was so heavy already. He promised his wife would love it. ;)

I did leave the Martha paint, because, WTH? I agree with you 100%.

So glad to have met you at BlogHer and look forward to following your blog!

Colleen @AMadisonMom said...

Did they really think anyone would like those sausage alarm clocks?????

I was VERY thankful for the swag swap room.