16 September 2010

Vacuuming Sucks

How is it possible that we live in a 1500 square foot house, and own six vacuum cleaners?


  1. A little handheld “dustbuster” (essential for anyone with children and no dogs to eat the dropped food debris)
  2. A small “electric broom” because I hate getting out the big guns, though I hate the way my hair wraps around and around the whirling brush thing.
  3. A “shop vac” because someone I live with sometimes does little construction projects
  4. An old canister type one that works but not very well and lives in the basement and maybe ought to go to the thrift shop.
  5. A new canister type one that works splendidly but is too complicated for ordinary humans.
  6. And a brand spanking new vacuum that showed up on my doorstep the other day, bewildering my husband, because I went to a party that the Mouthy Housewives threw during BlogHer.

These vacuums, they mock me. Because the thing is that I never vacuum. Something's wrong here.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's some nice swag!

Our house has central vac, but I don't use it because the hose broke and the cost to replace it (just the hose) is equivalent to the cost of a pretty good canister vac.

My biggest vacuuming downfall is that I don't replace the filters in my canister often enough..ok, ever. Once, I tried, but I came home with the wrong filters, and there they sit in the top of the front closet.

I use the dust buster to pick up hair in the bathroom on a daily basis.

Is the shop vac a wet/dry vac? I find it reassuring to have something that can suck up large spills or leaky basements, just so long as I never actually have to do so.

Life As I Know It said...

vacuuming is one of the few chores I don't mind doing. I love hearing all the dirt being sucked up into the vacuum. Is that weird?

YourFireAnt said...

Yeah. Who needs vacuums if you have a broom. Just get rid of the rugs.

bipolarlawyercook said...

Swiffer. With wet and dry cloths.

And sometimes a broom.

And I mop every three months or so. Once a month in the kitchen.

Hardwood floors. I love 'em.

Antropologa said...

One of the first things we moved here was a vacuum. A beautiful cherry red Electrolux which is wonderful and amazing. And then a shop vac. But in the US we had a lot more: a shop bac, an upstairs vac, a downstairs vac, a dustbuster. So you sound normal to me. :)

The Library Lady said...

We own a small hand vac that was highly rated by people at Amazon.com for its ability to pick up cat hair, and I use it to clean our window seat whenever company comes and not much more.

We have no rugs because of my asthma/allergies and I am not supposed to vacuum. So I don't. In fact, the cleaners I use twice a month should be there right now and that's one of the prime reasons that they come.
(The other one is that it allows me to force mi esposo and the girls to clean up their areas every two weeks. Otherwise...)

Unknown said...

I have a 6 year old Dyson canister vac that I love desperately, but it weighs a ton. My husband bought me a Roomba, but it was so much work to clear the floor of toys and other Roomba murdering obtstacles, that I stopped using it.

FreshHell said...

We have one - a canister Hoover I got as a wedding present. All the hoses are duct taped together because the twisty things that attach them broke. I probably need to replace it. Sigh.

I don't vacuum very often but I don't mind doing it. It's the pre-cleaning that I hate. Picking up all the Barbie and Playmobil bits beforehand and all the scattered shoes and socks and ephemera that makes me crazy. One day, I'm going to vacuum it all up!

mayberry said...

I also never vacuum. And yet I bought a really expensive Miele from a friend who moved out of the country.

Mental P Mama said...

Well at least you're prepared if the mood ever strikes. But you can do as I do: ignore it, it'll pass quickly.

Awesome Mom said...

I don't do it often either. Before we moved we had a dining room with carpet so I had to do it fairly often with a baby that loved to toss food overboard but now that we are in a place with bare floors downstairs I doubt my vacuum will get much use. I do miss carpet downstairs though because it hides dirt much better. I am stuck sweeping at least once a day.

Kyla said...

We have several, but mostly just use the Swiffer vac.

shrink on the couch said...

I have an old dust-buster in my office. It is so ferr-reaking loud! Ear drum exploding loud. Not cool for my office mate. I can imagine her client is just getting to that critical disclosure, when, VAH-ROOOOOOOMM!

leanne said...

One vacuum (don't change the filters often enough either -- even though the filters used to have a place to write the date on them as a reminder).

One Swiffer with wet and dry cloths.

Neither of them get the use they should.

This is why I need to invite people over more often. So that I clean my house.

Cold Spaghetti said...

One for every room!

Maybe you have a "law of working vacuums" balance in the house. Wherein only a certain percentage of them can actually work at a given time? Therefore, you must have a certain number in order to ensure that at least one in is working order?