17 September 2010

All About Me

So, you know I'm a Nintendo Enthusiast, right? Sometimes they send me stuff - DS games, Wii games. They never tell us they're sending it, it just shows up, a magic box on the doorstep. And the games are rarely unaccompanied - there's always a little relevant something alongside, like the huge plush dolphin that came with the Endless Ocean game, or the teensy perfect top hat that accompanied the new Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. I'm so not a gusher, but the Brand About Town team is awesome. Their promo tie-ins are always creative, they're incredibly charming to work with, and they are very hands off - letting word of mouth work instead of trying to dictate the message.

Yesterday, I came home from work and found a new backpack filled with a pad, water bottle, Mario keychain, umbrella, pen - and a little note: welcome back to school from your friends at Nintendo. No game, but no matter - the girlie was beside herself with joy. "Oh mama, can I use my new backpack tomorrow?"

Later on, we went off to open house at her school and met the second grade teacher with the nine syllable name. Up on one of the walls in the room was a series of mugshots - each child's picture along with an "All About Me" essay.

I nearly plotzed when I saw what she'd written. Can you read it? If not, here's the text:

My name is Miranda. My mom writes Nintendo blogs and I get lots of Nintendo stuff. I love cats. And I like the Mets. At school, I like recess and snack. I like Art! I am unique. I have 3 scars.

Yup. Viral marketing. Give a DS game to the mom, and the kid tells everyone how wonderful Nintendo is. And she wrote that essay BEFORE the backpack showed up in the mail.

The only problem is, what do I do if the principal asks me about my blog?


AnnetteK said...

That's awesome. Maybe she'll end up working for them someday. ;)

As for the principal, oy. I think the cat is out of the bag.

I've been thinking about getting Josh a DS this year, I might need some recommendations.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Since you don't work for the principal, I think you're cool.

slow panic said...

I don't dare tell my boys about your Nintendo gig. Very cool. I love that she said she is unique.

Anonymous said...

Lorenzo's mind would be blown. He's being Mario for Halloween.

painted maypole said...

i love the stuff that kids write about at school. The best is when the journal comes home at the end of the year. ;)

mayberry said...

I can't wait to start getting this kind of lowdown from my kindergartner!

Kyla said...

That is why I don't tell the kids about the blog. LOL!

Man, I am jealous of your Nintendo gig. We're sure big gamers around here, I'd love to get on board with that.

bipolarlawyercook said...

Oh, I'd just be psyched that she's proud of you for something.