09 February 2011

Blue Sky

Blue skies
Smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies
Do I see...*

I love looking out the window. I especially like being up high, so I can look out and down. I was waiting in a swank 40th floor bank's reception area, taking pictures out the window of a gorgeous copper-clad roof below. The copper had patinated to just that shade of green. Alas, the roof got blown out - perils of cellphone photography - but oh, the sky. It really was that blue.

*Lyrics from "Blue Skies", by Irving Berlin


YourFireAnt said...

Next time I come, I'd like to come up to your office and look down.

That is some view.


slow panic said...


Anonymous said...

"early mornin' sunshine tell me all I need to know."

1A said...


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

So gorgeous.

jo(e) said...

What a view.

mayberry said...

Still a cool photo.

Rima said...

That is one cool picture.