11 February 2011

Grace in Small Things: The Winter Edition

#28 - A pair of plain wool gloves in the pockets of every coat I might want to wear, so they’re at the ready when and if I want or need them.

#29 - Capacious pockets, well-deployed, for the afore-mentioned gloves and because I hate carrying a purse and as long as you're wearing a coat, you might as well have good pockets.

#30 - Waterproof boots, for tromping through snow and stepping carelessly in the inevitable slush puddles that form in the gutter on every NYC corner.

#31 - Hot apple cider at the Union Square Greenmarket.

#32 - Electric mattress pads, because there is nothing so glorious as climbing into a pre-heated bed.


Julia said...

Oh, I like these!

I'd add:

- enough change in the ample pockets to always be able to give exact change in the store (or hand a fistful to a beggar without thinking), but not so much that it makes holes in the lining.

- one pair of utterly fun gloves, the kind that make you happy to wear

- a brilliant sweater to wear on a too-cold day, one that makes everyone say, "Gee, you look good in that color!" (partly because you mostly wear black, and the shock of color startles everyone)

- excellent lemongrass soup

- pretty stamps, so the bills at least have something nice about them

slow panic said...

I have an electric blanket -- I call it my heatie blanket. Love love love crawling into bed when it's nice and warm.

YourFireAnt said...

Great list, Maggie. I would add for myself: Sometimes please could I lose the LEFThand glove? I have a whole box of left had gloves just waiting to be used (since I do not throw out odd socks or gloves).


jo(e) said...

And the pockets have to have zippers so stuff doesn't fall out when I toss my coat on a chair!

Nadine said...

Jim so believes in #28 & #29 but, in his case, a purse never comes in to play anyway. He never, ever, loses a glove. Me? At least one a week. And he's always telling me to keep a pair in every coat.

And I love, love, love my electric mattress pad altho now it's on the guest room bed and I've almost totally forgotten about it. When we went from queen to king we didn't get a new one. Just thinking about it makes me sad. I loved how it had dual controls and you could just warm the feet.

anymommy said...

Good gear makes all the difference.

Ilina said...

When I was in middle school I used to iron my sheets before climbing into bed. I'd iron, unplug, and jump in.

Also, I am happy to live somewhere where gloves are rarely required. And I happen to love a nice handbag!

bipolarlawyercook said...

Electric mattress pads are the bestest things ever. We have the dual zone one, each of us with our own controls. Oh, Vermont Country Store, how I love thee.