13 June 2011

C and D

Every drawer opened,
every book moved,
every box perused,
every piece of paper overturned,

results in some small moment of

aimless archeology,

or regret.

If she'd sketched out an M, I'd frame it in a heartbeat.


Carol Steel said...

Touching, lovely, Carol

De said...

I envy her talent for making things beautiful, and making beautiful things.

You are her M, and you are beautiful, too.

Imperatrix said...

Gorgeous!. Frame them anyway. Seriously.

Elissa said...

Ouch. Poignant.

IrishGoddess said...

Spent yesterday going through D's office, with the same mix of emotions. xoxo So hard how life makes us move on.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

She was certainly a talented woman.

She Curmudgeon said...


flutter said...

that C makes my heart skip a beat.

YourFireAnt said...

How 'bout C D for "cutie-pie daughter" ?