09 February 2012

Mock Mocha

How to make a mock mocha latte:

  • Work for an employer with a fancy Keurig machine in the kitchen.

  • Convince the office manager to stock hot chocolate pods in addition to coffees and teas.

  • Get a nice big mug.

  • Into it, make a pod of hot chocolate with 8 ounces of water.

  • Now, add a pod of the strongest, darkest coffee using 4 ounces of water. (If there's some caramel vanilla flavored coffee, use that.)

  • Add a splash of some of the milk your co-workers rescued from the school's cafeteria.

  • And enjoy a hot caffeinated mock mocha without even leaving the office!


niobe said...


Must. Try. This.

Heide Estes said...

What's the "mock" part?

Gina said...

We just got a Keurig in our office. I don't drink coffee, but the tea is pretty good. I only wish I could get a bigger cup - 10 ounces is not nearly enough.