22 February 2012

Wordless Wednesday: School Break

Yes, we're in DC for a few days. Today: White House, Smithsonian Castle, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington Monument, Air and Space, American History Museum. Also, endless traffic because it was Washington's Birthday and there was a cornerstone being laid - these two things were unrelated. Tonight, my feet plan to fall off. Still to come: Archives, Building Museum, Jefferson Memorial, Mount Vernon, Arlington, Alexandria, The Capital, and I'm sure we've forgotten something terribly important.

The only reason i can remember any of this is because I am checking in ferociously on Foursquare. (I'm winning!)

Oh, and anyone have dinner suggestions?


anna said...

my hometown! but i haven't lived there in 20 years so my dinner recs are too out of date.

have a great time!

Sara said...

You should really go the National Museum of the Native American - take the highlights tour. It is an amazing building, and the tour is informative and only an hour long (it is by Air and Space). The cafeteria in the museum is fantastic - lots of local/fresh food inspired by different areas of the country.

The botanical garden is great when its cold, but the weather today is supposed to be great so maybe you don't need a warm humid place to chill.

What kind of dinner are you looking for? Casual? Not-so-casual? Matchbox (in Chinatown) has pizza, American and is one step up from casual but not too noisy and is a fun environment.

heidi said...

Go to Maryland & get a pile of crabs.

Mental P Mama said...

Fun! I love all the restaurants in Georgetown!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

This sounds like one of those vacations where you will need a vacation once it is over-how fun!