06 April 2012

Scenes of Spring

Tulips on Park Avenue.

Dyeing hard boiled eggs.

Teaching the girl to play poker.

What can I tell you? It was the last three pictures I'd taken with my iPhone...the juxtaposition made me laugh.


Liz Miller said...


painted maypole said...

tulips are my favorite flower. today i looked out my back window and saw a tulip growing in my garden. I don't remember it being there last year, but I sure was happy to see it there today. :) Happy spring!

Stimey said...

As you do.

alejna said...


Kevin McKeever said...

Uh, oh - card shark in the making.

MARY G said...

My father taught my girls to play poker. And euchre. They played for pennies.
Card shark time.

Jody said...

Argh! Why did I use mugs to dye eggs? Clear glass is so PRETTY.

And I am just now remembering that we have an unused box of poker chips. I must remember to put the box with the cards. (Calder taught the kids poker in London last year....)

Thanks for the two useful ideas!