27 June 2012

St. George and the Very Small Dinosaur

St. George slew the dragon; Calvary St. George's seems to slay birds.

This is the second bird I've seen there, feet up alongside the steps. The first one was tiny; this one was bigger, almost pigeon-sized. I originally saw the bird on Friday, but when it was still there on Saturday, I stopped. My daughter was with me; instead of being grossed out by the dead bird, or bewildered by my photography, she was concerned that the flies weren't leaving it in peace.

Poor thing. And what is it about that church that keeps killing the birds?


Kizz said...

Might be bigger birds around, but you'd expect them to eat their prey. Usually it's rat poison.

She's sweet to want him to be left in peace.

jo(e) said...

That's really odd.