17 June 2013

My Work On The Planet Is Done

These dolls are sexist and demeaning to women.

That's why I want a real chisel, I want to chisel down her boobies.

(I pointed out that some women have large breasts, but that Barbie's overall proportions were not ever found in real people.)

Okay, instead of chiseling down her boobs, I'll put some sugru on her waist and paint it to match.


Anonymous said...

Awesome on both your parts, and a haircut to match her own. Well done! Sue

MARY G said...

May not stop laughing for a week. Our dog used to similar customization on my girls' dolls. Gave the dog indigestion every time.

ozma said...

That'a a pretty good haircut!!

You know what gave me a complex as a kid? Barbie's feet. I always felt like I should have feet more like Barbie. What the hell? She can't even stand up!