12 June 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Flowers

a  paeonia festiva maxima from my mother's house, one
that she got from ruth bogen across the street.

lady's mantel, a/k/a alchemilla mollis, in bloom. the leaves
are nice too, but the camera wanted to look at the flowers.

one of the happy peonies that came with my house.

astilbe from mary kane's garden, down the street from ruth bogen's.

this peony? i have no idea where it came from. i
might have bought it at a garden club sale.


Carol Steel said...

What lovely photos. It's good to have flowers that came from your mother's house. A wonderful way to keep her with you.

Janet said...

the pink one with the yellow center is just spectacular!!!

mayberry said...

Love peonies! Mine are a dark pink and they came with my house too. Almost lost in the backyard re-do of 2007 but I saved them from the dirt pile and they are going strong!

Anna said...

Gorgeous blooms. Peonies are my favorites, remind me of my wedding.