29 May 2014

Maya Angelou: But still, like dust, I'll rise.

I live lightly in the Twitterverse. I dabble from time to time, but I tend to follow and interact with people I know; I don't really follow celebrities. So, I had no idea that Maya Angelou was a tweeter, until I saw that she'd died, yesterday.

Curious, I scrolled through her recent tweets, and stopped, dumbstruck at this one. What a sentiment from a woman not long for this world.

May Angelou was the speaker at my college graduation. She exhorted us to overcome, to rise, to confront life. And I know that all of us, my entire class of 500+ women, were lucky to have her there, kicking us out of the academy into real life. And all of us, people of this world of ours, were lucky to have her words, be they essays, poems, or tweets.

Thank you, Maya Angelou, thank you for your words.