01 August 2014

Insane Packing

Meanwhile, at home, we have been packing packing packing. I have been setting aside the vacation underwear. My husband has been experimenting with the vacuum sealer; he thought it would help his long underwear take up less room in the duffle. Yeah, whatever. My theory of packing is that you use the long underwear to wrap around the oddly shaped and/or fragile things, instead of turning it into misshapen stiff blue boards.

I was indulgent though, for a time, in the interests of marital harmony. However, I was forced to confiscate the Foodsaver when he vacuum packed some clothespins.

Vacuum packed for freshness!

Clothespins. Those Foodsaver bags cost about 40¢ a piece! I think the bag cost more than the contents.

This is going to be some trip.


Jocelyn said...

A vacuum sealer. Now that's a new one on me. I like your husband's brain.

We use compression sacks for all of our clothes--kind of a "human" vacuum sealer. They certainly save on space!

kathy a. said...

Is he taking the sealer along for the trip home? Sealing the clothspins is hilarious!

YourFireAnt said...

I think he'll be lucky if he doesn't get vacuum-packed himself by the end of the trip. ;-)

kathy a. said...

You did go to the wine store, didn't you?

City Twins Chicago said...

Holy cow! That is a serious packer.