04 August 2014

Portmanteau Publication

I know I told the nice publicist who sent me the free book that I wasn't going to review the book because I thought it was lame and my ten year old thought it was for babies (even though the press release said it was for kids ages 8 and up) and so I'm not going to review the book but I can't let it go by that there's someone on the masthead whose job is Director of Bookazine Development and Marketing.


Is it a book or is it a magazine?

It reminds me that my grandmother would call magazines "books". And I've known other people to call catalogs "magazines". And since when do books have mastheads anyway?

It all rather makes my head hurt and I just wish things would stay in their own little compartments.


YourFireAnt said...

no WONDER you went out where there was no wifi, t.v. (or presumably bookazines).

Jocelyn said...

As I type this comment, you're crammed into your own little RV compartment, acting like something between camping and tourist, so that means you're a campist or you're tamping, right?