06 January 2016

True confessions

Sometimes when I'm brushing my teeth at night, standing before the bathroom mirror, in my horizontally striped nightgown, I notice - to my chagrin and with the help of the lines - that one nipple is lower than the other.

I have a little twinge of regret every time I remember that when we packed up the hospital room when we were discharged after the girl's birth, I forgot to take the little card slotted into the clear plastic bassinet that read "baby girl" and so her files are incomplete.

My armpits never stink. That said, Trader Joe's deodorant? Does. Not. Work.


kathy a. said...

Just so you know -- everybody has some asymmetry. That's normal.

Nobody has "full" files of every piece of paper that refers to them. Having raised 2 kids to maturity, we still have too many of those papers around. Apparently they are thriving without all that stuff in their personal closets. Just sayin'.

I can't smell anything out here, so no worries about pits. ;)

ozma said...

Kiss My Face works though!

And I remember your mom and her files. My files are RADICALLY INCOMPLETE. My files just suck. I was so filled with admiration for your mom's files.

edj3 said...

You know which deodorant I absolutely despise? Tom's. How on earth anyone can stand to put that slimy stuff on and then stay slimy all day long is beyond me. DISGUSTING FEELING.