10 July 2018

Summer Kitchen

For, I dunno, the past 10 years, I've been saying to my husband that I want an electric oven installed in the garage. You see, I love to bake and I especially like to bake in the summer when there are summer fruits like rhubarb and peaches and other things that demand to be made into cobblers and galettes and pies and crisps. And, in my mind, it's totally logical to have an oven in the garage, because the garage door opens into the kitchen, and the last time the kitchen was renovated (before us), all the cabinets were recycled into a work area in the garage (and another in the cellar).

And the reason that I don't bake so much in the summer is that the house is only very lightly air-conditioned, specifically window units in the two upstairs bedrooms and nothing on the first floor, and who wants to turn on the oven in the summer heat?

Finally, over the weekend, I had a brainstorm. Since it didn't seem like I was getting a real oven in the garage anytime soon because running a 220V line was going to be complicated and expensive, I thought hey, they make big fancy toaster ovens, that'll do.

A modicum of internet research and an online order later, I am now the proud owner of a toaster oven big enough for 9 slices of toast, a whole chicken, or a 13" pizza.

Let the baking commence!


kathy a. said...

That works! If tossing it on the BBQ doesn't.

kathy a. said...

It looks good for pies, too, if that's on the agenda. (Maybe not in an oversized pie dish; compromises must sometimes be made.)

I've been using our (not so grand or large) toaster oven a lot more than expected, because it really does not heat things up as much as the oven. Bonus for cooking things like meat or fish: I cheat by using the bread toasting timer thing, so it just turns off when that cycle is done, and I can check for doneness, then set it again. (Probably not the best idea with baked goods.)

edj3 said...

Love my Breville and we use it almost every day.

MARY G said...

Neat idea. I am reduced to getting up mega early if I want to use the oven