28 November 2018

Unanswerable Questions

Why does the free WiFi work on the lower level tracks at Grand Central Terminal but not on the upper level?

We have two water bowls for the cats: one in the kitchen and one in the upstairs bathroom. Why do they only drink out of the the upstairs bowl?

Why does my doctor’s office need to text once, call once, and email TWICE to remind me that I have an appointment on Friday. One or two reminders, okay. But FOUR?


kathy a. said...

I can answer the cat part! Cats will decide what they like, and if they become bored, look for paw prints on the toilet seat.

There are a lot of mysteries in life. xoxo

MARY G said...

I drove for two hours to a specialist medical appointment yesterday, only to find they had cancelled it. May I transplant your doctor's system?
The receptionist says they told me. I was out all day Wednesday and find neither voice mail nor email about the cancellation.