16 December 2019

On the 16th day of ...

I take the subway to work every day. And whenever I find myself parked in front of one of the posted subway maps, I marvel at it. So many miles, so many stations, so many places to go.

And then I look for my pet dog. The mapmaker has shaped the East and Harlem Rivers into a dog - tail to the left, snout to the right, back legs straddling Roosevelt Island, front legs dipping into Flushing Meadows. One beige belly spot courtesy of Rikers Island.

See him?

Of course, it's all the subway map designer's doing - because the subway map has been skewed and tweaked and distorted so that everything fits. (For a really cool look at the subway map, check this out: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/12/02/nyregion/nyc-subway-map.html)

Google Maps is more representative of the actual geography - and if you can find a dog in the East River, you've been imbibing too many George Booth dog cartoons.


MARY G said...

He's a greyhound, right? Neat.