02 January 2020


There was an article in the Times the other day about a new law in California, that mandates "that every public company in the state should have a woman on the board by the end of" 2019. I read it with great interest. It's not that I'm a candidate for a board seat, but I am concerned with gender equity and I've long been aware that many public companies and mutual funds have few to no women on their boards.

I have shares in a couple of mutual funds that entitle me to vote by proxy on various things - including the election of people to the funds' boards. For years, I have consciously voted FOR all of the women, and AGAINST all of the men. I know that 1) it won't change anything because my one vote isn't enough to make a difference, and 2) some of the men are probably great and some of the women are likely awful, but I don't have time to research each and every one of the candidates and (back to #1) it's not going to change anything. It is, however, my little act of resistance and it pleases me enormously.

Vote Ballot Clipart


MARY G said...

I do the same thing with the election of members to the university council. If it has a female name, they get a vote.
By the end of this year I may, just may, have learned how to use the plural pronoun after a singular subject. I have been correcting it out of every place I could for years. Oh, dear.

Bibliomama said...

I applaud your choices. Better small acts of rebellion than none.