19 August 2008

Memes, Books, and Star Trivia

Thanks to Cactus Petunia, here are four things you should know about me before you invite me to your house:

1. I don't eat fish, because I don't like it. It would probably be easier to say that I'm allergic, but I'm not. I will, however, eat mussels.

2. I'd rather be outside in the fresh air than inside in the air-conditioning.

3. I much prefer wine to beer.

4. I like to bake, so I'll bring dessert.

No tags, you're it if you want to be.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I've got another book to give away: an old hardcover copy of P.G. Wodehouse's Spring Fever. Tell me in the comments; if more than one person wants it, I'll do a random giveaway.

Also, if you need more books and have too many, try Paperback Swap - you set up an account, list the books that you want to get rid of, mail them off when people request them, and ask for other's books that you're interested in. You pay the postage to ship yours out, but you pay nothing to receive a book. It's clever. Click the logo to join.

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And, because I know you were wondering, the dog days of summer are over. The dog days are the weeks when Sirius (the dog star) rises in tandem with the sun. The ancients figured the two stars rising together caused the heat and torpor, hence the name.


S said...

one and three, me too. except the mussels.

flutter said...

mmmmmm dessert

Awesome Mom said...

I would love to have it. I have long been a fan of his writing.

I will eat fish, but if the food item is missing a skeleton of has an exoskeleton I will not eat it.

Anonymous said...

No fish, really? I love fish, most of the time, unless it tastes like fish of course!

Kyla said...

1 and 3 for me, too. But I will eat shrimp, especially if battered in coconut.

Aunt Becky said...

Actually allergic to some sorts of fish, but hate the others, so I blanketly tell you that I'm allergic. Period.

Vered said...

Wow, we are different.

Like fish; prefer indoors; prefer beer over wine unless wine really complements a dish (such as fillet mignon or foie gras).

But I like to bake too so we can both make desserts, there are going to be enough people for two desserts anyway. There always are. :)

Antropóloga said...

My husband would love the Wodehouse!

I'm a vegetarian.
I don't want to be there all night.

cactus petunia said...

Ok, then...I'll supply the wine, if you bring dessert!
Think we can get Jeeves to serve?

Anonymous said...

I was hoping we hadn't hit the dog days yet...because, dude - what a disappointment this summer has been.

Don't get me wrong - gorgeous! but still... not hot enough.

Deb Rox said...

I think wine and dessert is sufficient. Entrees are overrated.

Wodehouse rocks. I don't need the book, thank you, but it's a good fun one.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather bring the dessert, too!

Bette said...

I'm a HUGE Wodehouse fan! I don't think I've read that one and I'd love to.

FreshHell said...

I'm a vegetarian but have been known to eat seafood in the past though the only things I really like are shrimp and scallops. I don't particuarly trust the seafood industry so if you came to dinner you would not find any fish on the table. Dessert would be lovely, thank you. I also prefer the outdoors to a/c (I'm always cold) unless it's super hot. I prefer beer to wine because wine often triggers an allergic reaction. I like it, I just can't drink much of it. Also, I'll pass on the Wodehouse, you've already been too kind. Received the LBJ book yesterday!!

nonlineargirl said...

This explains why it is RAINING here. In August. Feels very unfair.

Anonymous said...

I love my wine, and I love my seafood! And I love to read but have a hard time making the time. I'll definitely be trying the paperback swap - thanks!