27 January 2009

Five Words, Redux

There were only six entries in my five words contest - the one where I asked for a paragraph using chthonic, liminal, punctilious, quincunx and usufruct. And they were all good!

Two of them, from Heidi and Vodka Mom, were cleverly subversive by making the words themselves the subject of the sentence.

The others - from Jenn, Liz, YourFireAnt, and Kelly - were great and varied attempts at making sense of nonsense, with wit and style.

So I resorted to the old random number picker.

Number 4! And the book goes to Liz!

I have to start making a new list...


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I thought Vodka Mom was pretty darn clever too.

Vodka Mom said...

Thank God I didn't win- I don't have time to read anymore.


Woman in a Window said...

Oh, you wanted a sentence? Well, here's mine after the fact, "I don't know these words: chthonic, liminal, punctilious, quincunx and usufruct." Brilliant, eh?

YourFireAnt said...

Are you sure I wasn't number 4??? ;-)