29 July 2013

The Plastic In My Kitchen

We make bread often, but by the time we're towards the end of the loaves, they're usually at the shattering stage, and fit for nothing but breadcrumbs or french toast. In the back of my head, I wanted a bread box, but I didn't want a huge thing sitting on the counter, taking up space we don't have. Happily, one leapt out of the King Arthur catalog. It's clear plastic, so it takes up little room visually, and it expands and contracts, so that it's only as big as it needs to be. I love it.

But it's plastic.

My favorite measuring cup is a tapered two cup "beaker", marked in ounces, cups, pints, teaspoons, tablespoons, and milliliters. It's easier to read than the standard Pyrex measuring cups, and more useful what with all the different measurements.

But it's plastic.

I love a nice cup of herbal tea while I'm reading in bed in the winter, and my favorite tea is a loose tea that combines chamomile, mint and lavender. Because it's loose, it needs to be made in a tea ball, or the steeped tea has to be strained. A few years ago, I discovered a phenomenal one-cup tea device - it's got a valve and a strainer and you plop it on top of your cup, and the tea flows on in.

But it's plastic.

I try so hard to get away from the plastic in the kitchen. I prefer to store leftovers in glass, like the working glasses (which work as both food storage and big drinking glasses). I refuse to microwave things in plastic containers. I'd rather use a stainless steel water bottle.

And yet, my three favorite kitchen devices? All plastic.

What's a girl to do?


kathy a. said...

sometimes a person needs to make an exception or 3, while still heading toward the goal. less plastic is to the good. but not everything works so well in glass or cotton or whatever.

Kizz said...

That bread box is brilliant!

susan said...

I have, and love, all 3 of those plastic gadgets. And one of my very favorite kitchen tools is also plastic--and also from KAF--the magic measurer (now called the Adjusta Cup). Very handy for measuring sticky things like honey or syrup or oil).

Moderation is key: we've been moving away from plastic, but Politica's nerve issues mean than lifting heavy things can be hard and she is more likely to drop things. So some plastic is handy.

readersguide said...

Yes, I don't like plastic, either, but then when I go for a walk I often put a snack in a ziplock bag. (Yes, I have those cloth ones, too, but won't I end up with gorp all over my backpack? Maybe I could solve this with some work.) And that breadbox looks like a genius thing. And then my phone is definitely plastic. Even when you buy milk in glass bottles they are closed with a plastic top. I don't know, either.

S said...

Ooh, I like the bread box.

edj3 said...

Own it! That's what a girl's to do.

catherine said...

We have one of these, which might work for your tea: http://www.teavana.com/tea-products/tea-makers-infusers/p/cool-touch-tea-strainer

But I love the breadbox as is!

leanne said...

That bread box is pretty cool. I was just thinking today that I need to make more bread. Or rather start making bread again.