02 August 2013

Necessity Mother Invention

I've been on a flavoring-water-with-melon kick. If I'm whacking up a cucumber for a salad, I filet out the seeds and drop the slimy mess into a glass of icy cold water: instant refresher. A few slices of lemon or a sprig or two of mint bumps up the flavor, and it's even more refreshing. There's a new vendor at my farmers market - they muddle fruit and mint with a bit of sugar, shake it up and top it off with tea or lemonade. Their mojito one - non-alcoholic - is made with lime, mint and cucumber, and completely hits the spot as you meander through the market, fondling the peaches.

Inspired, I muddled up a watermelon cocktail. A fist sized chunk of watermelon, roughly chipped into a tall glass and banged about with a spoon. A good ounce or so of Rose's Lime Juice, an ounce or so of gin, a few ice cubes, and a fill-up with seltzer. If you're fancy, garnish it with a sprig of mint or a twist of lime. And it's just what you want on a sultry summer evening.


Rose said...

Teaves won't be there tomorrow :( Maybe we should have you take their place!

alejna said...

I love muddle as a verb. I don't know that I've ever used it myself. I must find a reason to muddle so that I can have an excuse to.

The drinks do sound very refreshing!

edj3 said...

Here's another good summer drink:

Pureed watermelon
mint leaves

It's absolutely delightful and I am generally not a fruity drink kind of woman.

Stimey said...

I don't think I could handle fruit in my drink. I can handle a lemon or lime as long as it's on a peel and no one tries to squeeze the juice in.