09 August 2013

Geekery with Images

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a Google seminar, Google 101 for Content Creators. One trick I learned is really cool. I've been looking for floating, shallow shelves to (maybe) use in the kitchen as spice racks. After some searching, I found an image of what I was interested in. But it was on a scraper site, and had absolutely no information about just how to buy the shelves. Aha! Google's image search feature lets you upload a photo (or enter a url) to search for that photo or similar photos. Bingo. Found a few buyable versions of the shelf I'd envisioned.

If you were concerned about unscrupulous folks stealing your own posted pictures, you could reverse search for them. It'd be time-consuming, but could be gratifying. Or infuriating, depending on your perspective.

To search by image, go to images.google.com and click the camera icon at the end of the search box. Then, either enter an image URL or upload an image from your computer.

Maybe you will find the spice rack of your dreams.


De said...

I am trying to find a shallow cabinet for my bathroom wall. Sadly, I don't have an image. Could I search for something based on a hand-drawn illustration?

S said...

This is beyond me.

sullimaybe said...

Thanks, good tip!